Glen Dickey

State Representative Glen Dickey is a FREEDOM FIGHTER.

Maybe you haven’t heard of this guy, but he is really, truly, deeply, committed to freedom and individual sovereignty for the state of New Hampshire. He’s so committed that he’s not even fromHillsborough County. In fact, he’s not even from New Hampshire, or even from New England. Mr. Dickey came all the way from California just to tell New Hampshirites they were doing freedom wrong.

Glen is what’s known as a Free Stater. Free Staters aren’t actually from New Hampshire--they moved here, from all over the country, because they were looking for a small state that they thought would be easy to take over. Not a joke. These great minds actually took a vote in 2003 on which state to invade. (Wyoming came in second.) The group’s stated goal is to make a state “free” in accordance with the will of the people by completely ignoring those people and instead flooding that state—lucky New Hampshire—with ideological transplants and forcing the state into conflict with the federal government. It’s all in their manifesto.

Seriously, that’s what kind of brilliant thinker Glen Dickey is—he believes in a particular sort of self-determination, and is willing to make sure everyone else thinks just like him! He even spent time heading up a meet-up group for Free Staters.

Now, that may seem like a whole lot of nothing to do with New Hampshire, especially since the state is currently in or seeking partnerships with the federal government on everything from addiction reduction and airports to education and hiker rescue , but we want to give Glen Dickey the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this seemed like a better idea back in California?

But don’t worry! It may seem like Glen Dickey and his other (formerly) out of state friends are more concerned with political ideology than the practical needs of the people of New Hampshire , but that’s simply not so. Despite being an avowed libertarian, Glen Dickey has chosen to vote with his fellow Republicans in the legislature 93% of the time

While average legislators only vote with their party 76% of the time, Glen Dickey is a freedom overachiever—he feels free to capitulate to partisan antics nearly every vote.

That’s right. Glen Dickey is consistent, and he will consistently make sure we are all just free enough to agree with Glen Dickey. Though this may seem like the opposite of the sort of liberty New Hampshirites have traditionally celebrated, just look at his record:

The Freedom to Take Over New Hampshire:

Glen Dickey moved to New Hampshire to remake it in his political image, which is probably why he voted to make it more difficult for students to participate in elections , and voted against getting more accurate demographics for the state of New Hampshire. Glen Dickey may not look like the face of New Hampshire yet, but with your help, he will be!

The Freedom to Live Free-ish or Die:

Glen Dickey doesn’t want anything interfering with the free hand of the market, particularly not the needs of his constituents, which is presumably why he voted against paid family and medical leave twice , opposed a recent Medicaid expansion , and wantsto ship public tax dollars to private schools .

The Freedom to Address Issues that Matter:

In his two years in the legislature, Glen Dickey has sponsored or co-sponsored four bills concerning, in no particular order: table top gaming , dog licenses , texting at red lights , and …

the first step towards succession from the US .

That last one may seem a bit out of left field, and apportionment is not normally the kind of subject that really interests people, but Glen Dickey really believes the US House of Representatives needs three times as many Congresspeople. Because, umm, small government?

The Freedom to Police Your Body:

Glen Dickey voted to r estrict what women can do with their own bodies , and voted against banning gender identity discrimination and conversion therapy . We admit that this seems sort of difficult to square with a devotion to individual liberty, but Glen Dickey majored in philosophy back at Cal State , so we’re sure there’s a perfectly reasonable and succinct explanation.

The Freedom to Abuse Animals:

Look, we’re just trying to help Glen Dickey and everything, but even we can’t figure out a way to spin this. There must be a reason, surely, to not want to crack down on animal abuse and neglect, but honestly Glen is just not making things easy here.

The Freedom to Use Assault Victims’ Sexual Past Against Them in Court :

WHAT THE—GLEN, NO. Just no . Stop it. Absolutely not.

Ok, maybe the freedom rundown thing didn’t go as well as expected, but we can still uphold Glen Dickey as a fighter for personal responsibility, right?

Although technically, we suppose, a responsible public figure with a 20+ year background in computer and software development would probably have owned .

And now we can’t give it to him, because as a principled guy, he wouldn’t want us to—we all just have to live with the choices we’ve made, as the founders intended.


Did we mention FREEDOM?

PS. Here’s the best quote from the Free State Project’s Founder’s manifesto which you can read for yourself right here .

PPS. Looks like we’ve got more on our New Hampshire ballot this year than we realized! Now who said voting’s no fun?